Successful Sales Manager / Sales Director search, Hungary, November 2021

Our client is an international, market leader, dynamically growing FMCG company operating in the food production industry, having 50+ factories on six continents and employs over 20.000 people worldwide. The head office is based in Canada.

Finding a new Area Sales Manager

The role wasn’t filled for over 2 years due to the COVID pandemic so after the restrictions were eased our client wanted to find the perfect candidate who could kickstart the Hungarian market and explore new business opportunities in the HoReCa industry. 

Headhunting / search methods

Wyser Hungary created and presented a detailed hiring strategy to the European Talent Acquisition Manager, which included a broad advertising campaign and headhunting search activity (focusing on multinational FMCG companies) in order to find the most competent and motivated candidates on the market. 

It was crucial that the shortlist had to include candidates possessing the following experience & background mix / portfolio: University degree in economics, marketing or commerce. Minimum 5 years of experience in Sales and 3 years of experience in the FMCG industry (preferably HoReCa sector).Experience in people management (managing 2 Sales Representatives), active hunter sales, key account management, reporting, sales administration, sales strategy planning and KPI management. 

Wyser set a candidate generation timeline of 2 weeks, then another 2 weeks for 1st, 2nd and 3rd round interviews along with an extensive online personality testing procedure for applicants that made it to the 2nd round at least. Wyser successfully met the deadline, and presented a shortlist of 5 stand-out candidates to the Talent Acquisition Manager in 2 weeks. 3 candidates was brought to 1st round interviews, 2 candidates made it to the 2nd rounds, and 1 candidates were selected for the final interviews. 

Successful Placement

As a result of the consultants’ thorough research of the region’s FMCG HoReCa segment, it was confirmed to Wyser that both candidates who attended the 2nd round interview could have been offered the job. Wyser assisted with the final selection by managing the offer to the chosen candidate, and providing detailed feedback to the ones who participated in the process.