Successful Quality Manager search, Hungary, Budapest, August 2022

Our client is a multinational manufacturing company, which is a significant player on the automotive market. They are growing and expanding their manufacturing capacity in Hungary, due to that they were looking for a new Manager for their Quality Assurance department.

Finding a new Quality Manager

Wyser was looking for the department’s first person in Hungary who could launch the Hungarian change management and cost saving projects. The search was extremely urgent, as the company had hard timelines and had to launch new projects while constantly providing A class products to its clients.

Headhunting / search methods

Wyser Hungary created and presented a detailed hiring strategy to the Hungarian management, which included a broad advertising campaign and headhunting search activity (focusing on automotive manufacturing companies which are producing products with injection moulding) in order to find the most competent and motivated candidates on the market.

We were looking for a professional senior manager who had experience in automotive industry, familiar with German OEMs and standards, have experience in Lean projects and able to analyze the current situation and create a new working method in the quality assurance department.

Wyser set a candidate generation timeline of 2 weeks, then another 1 weeks for 1st, 2nd round interviews along with an extensive online personality testing procedure for applicant(s) that made it to the 2nd round at least. Wyser successfully met the deadline, and presented a shortlist of 4 excellent candidates to the management in 2 weeks. All 4 candidates were brought to 1st round interviews, 2 candidates made it to the 2nd round and 1 of them was successfully selected for the position.

Successful Placement

As a result of the excellent work, Wyser was able to fill in a crucial position, the company was recruiting for months. The candidate is still working there, started to launch the change management and cost saving projects. The candidate settled down successfully in the management team, due to his excellent work, he got a promotion very soon by leading the EHS department as well.